First, Loren Coleman, author of the Copycat Effect has a special report for us on the horrific rash of copycat murders that took place last week. Then we go on to explore everything from the coming pole shift to the weird state of the sun to hidden Nazi connections in the US government with engineer Ted Twietmeyer, and you can expect some startling and extremely valuable new information. Finally, Linda Howe interviews John Murray, a leading Mars scientist on that frozen ocean they’ve found on Mars.

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Ted and Whitley go deep into the alien connection. Does Ted think they?re here to harm us or help us, or is something entirely different afoot? He even talks about how to videotape a strange life form that appears in our skies?he tells us exactly how to do it!

NOTE: This show summary, previously published on our old site, may contain broken more

Indian geologists believe that a series of thunderousexplosions heard in the Kutch and Saurashtra regions ofGujarat in India may be related to seismic activity. Gujaratis located on the Arabian Seanorth of Mumbai (Bombay).A total of 384 tremors took place in the area in January andearly February. 356 of these were under 1.0 in intensity onthe Richter Scale.

Similar blasts were also heard in the Una, Kodinar, and Veravaltalukas of Junagadh district. Government officials claimedthat the sounds had caused no damage, but residents complainthat windows and walls have been damaged throughout the area.
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Dr. Leonore Sweet takes pictures of the paranormal, and she tells us which are authentic mysteries and which can be explained. Even better, she tells us how we can do it, the simple equipment needed, and how to rule out the known so that you can be sure your pictures are more