At the same time that the European Union wants to ban alldepictions of the dreaded Nazi swastika, scientists arefinding it has a role in optics and cryptography. Hitler didnot invent the swastika, he only “borrowed” it, since it wasa symbol of prosperity and good fortune in many ancientcultures. Today, one can travel to small towns in Mexicoand spot swastikas woven into traditional Mayan shawls.

In the U.K., Dr. Darren Bagnall has found that he canarrange tens of thousands of gold swastikas on a tiny squaremillimeter in order to form a new material that will changethe polarization of light. Light becomes “twisted” into theswastika form, providing a new way to send encoded messages.
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In our latestinsight,CSETI director Stephen Greer writes about the Peter JenningsABC special on UFOs: “Of course, the title of the show was?Peter Jennings Reporting??if only that were so. This is thestory of how, once again, the corrupt Big Media hasdefrauded the American people, from one who had a front rowseat to the spectacle?The final ABC News show was weaker inevidence than most tabloid cable channel pieces on the UFOsubject?with the bulk of the ?documentary? being interviewswith UFO personalities, debunkers and the carnivalatmosphere of UFO hotspots like Roswell.”

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We journey deep into the middle east in search of the Ark of the Covenant with British author and adventurer Graham Phillips. You will learn more about the secrets of the Ark in this program than you have ever thought possible. Follow Graham?­s thrilling journey from England to the Middle East where he finds a mountain that contains the exact landforms described in the Bible as being present on Mount Sinai when Moses received the commandments. Walk, with him, in the very place that the encounter might have taken place, and listen to him describe the strange geoplasmic lights that come out of the ground in the area to this day. Then Linda talks with one of the scientists who saw, for the first time, light from a planet orbiting a distant more

Graham traces the movement of the Templars back from Jerusalem to England, and to the chapel that they built to contain the Ark. We then go on a thrilling treasure hunt with him for the fabled Stones ofFire. Using the stones, he ends up actually causing balls of light to appear at the lakeside, which he photographs. The balls of light spiral up into the air in a pattern that is duplicated in stained glass windows in a Templar church nearby. This is the first time that anybody in modern times has even come close to tapping the mysterious energy of the Ark, and it makes for an hour of totally fascinating listening, andwill open your mind to some of the most important lost wonders of this world.
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