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NASA has been quietly posting some extremely strange imagesfrom Mars. The ones of cirrus clouds in the Martian sky havebeen extensively commented on, but the image reproduced hereawaits comment.

Clearly, there is either a free flowing or frozen liquidclinging to the base of these large stones. From thephotograph it might be possible for experts to determinewhether or not this substance is free flowing, and there issome possibility that its chemical composition could atleast be speculated upon.

If this image had been taken on Earth, it would be assumedthat it was of liquid water filled with sediment of somekind. But, given that it is on Mars, that assumption may nothold.
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BBC reports that doctors at Christie Hospital in Manchester,England have solved a problem that has made hospitals allover the world dangerous places to be. The problem: Whenthey treat dangerous bacteria, hospitals create somethingeven more dangerous—superbugs which cannot be killed. Thismeans you can come out of the hospital even sicker than youwere when you went in.
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Something (or somebody??) has been regularly cleaning theMars rover Opportunity’s solar panels during the night,enabling the device to continue to work much better and longer.

NASA rover team leader Jim Erickson has said that theunexplained cleaning events have kept Opportunity’s solarpanels operating close to their maxiumum daily output of 900watt-hours. Due to a previous accumulation of Martian dust,which is heavy and dense, output had dropped to 500watt-hours per day.

The output of Mars Spirit’s solar panels, which are notgetting cleaned, have dropped to 400 watt-hours per day.

NASA has no explanation for the cleaning.
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