BBC reports that doctors at Christie Hospital in Manchester,England have solved a problem that has made hospitals allover the world dangerous places to be. The problem: Whenthey treat dangerous bacteria, hospitals create somethingeven more dangerous—superbugs which cannot be killed. Thismeans you can come out of the hospital even sicker than youwere when you went in.

But researchers have now discovered that the oils used inaromatherapy destroy E.coli and MRSA?two of the mostdangerous of these superbugs?in only two minutes. This meansthese fragrant oils could be added to soaps and shampoosused by patients and stop the spread of superbugs.Infections caused by superbugs in hospitals kill about 5,000people a year in the U.K. alone, and are a major danger tohospital patients in the U.S. as well.

Could this discovery be considered amiracle?Only time will tell.

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