Despite the fact that the brutal summer of 2003 brought withit the highest weather-related death toll in Europeanhistory, the catastrophe was largely ignored by the USmedia. Estimates of the dead range from 22,000 to 35,000,and now a scientific group is warning that such summerscould become the norm, and not just in Europe.

Until now, it has been impossible to tell the degree towhich heat generated by human activity has been responsible,as opposed to natural weather processes. However, PeterStott, of the UK Meterological Office’s Hadley Centre, andDaithi Stone and Myles Allen, of Oxford University have beenable, using extremely detailed data from thousands ofdifferent temperature sensors located across Europe, todetermine this, and their findings are sobering.
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12 year old Jay Greenberg is believed by his teachers at NewYork’s famed Julliard School of Music to be the greatestmusical prodigy in 200 years, the equal of Mozart, who isbelieved to be the greatest musical prodigy of all time.

Composer Sam Zyman says that Jay, who prefers the nickname’Bluejay’ because he identifies with the noisy birds, cancompose a piano sonata in 25 minutes that will be one of thegreatest such compositions ever written.

Jay says that the music appears fully written in his mind,and he simply transcribes it. He has no idea where the musicis coming from.
read more has run two stories about an unusual UFOsituation in the distant Himalayas, and our subscribers haveenjoyed an interview with Skywatch International’s JimHickman in which he states that contacts of his in India aretelling him that there is definitely something strangehappening in the region.

Now India Daily has published additional reports of moreactivity in the area. Specifically, the familiar flyingtriangles that have been reported in the US since the earlyseventies are now being reported from an area of India andChina where the two countries have most of their nuclearmissiles concentrated.
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