The question of whether or not our world is real has beendebated since the time of the ancient Greeks. Recently,films like the Matrix have suggested that ‘reality’ could bean entirely artificial construction.

Now two scientists are saying that it might just be true.Physicist Martin Rees and mathematician John Barrowspeculate that the world that we know might be the creationof a gigantic computer located, perhaps, outside of theuniverse.
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Canadian inventor Vincent Tao has developed a method bywhich anybody with a web browser can become a high tech spy.

The engineer at York University in Toronto says that hismapping and surveillance tool can produce images so sharpthat the makes of cars can be discerned, as can the clothingpeople are wearing, although not the details of their faces.

SAME (see anywhere, map anywhere) combines satellite imagesof the earth with real-time imagery from traffice andweather cameras. The resolution is an astounding two feet,according to the inventor.

He claims that it will be possible to zoom from a globalscale to a street level image, updated in real time and inhigh resolution.
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In Whitley Strieber’s book the Key, theMaster of the Keystates, “You can save yourselves by a number of means…Gaincontrol over your moon, which contains an isotope of heliumthat will become extremely valuable to you if you can devisebetter uses of energy. Otherwise, this will continue to bemined by others.”

Now scientists are saying that Helium 3, rare on earth butabundant on the moon, could be the most valuable source ofnew energy in the solar system. When Helium 3 combines withdeuterium via fusion, a tremendous amount of energy is produced.

The moon contains enough Helium 3 to provide earth with apollution-free energy source for hundreds of years to come.However, the reactor technology needed to utilize it maytake years to develop.
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The book theComing Global Superstorm was criticized for making the casethat mass extinctions of various types of bison, mammoths,horses in the Americas and many other large animals aroundthe world, were due to sudden climate change.

The conventional wisdom was that these extinctions were dueto mass slaughter by human beings. Now it seems that climatechange might indeed have been the primary factor in theextinctions.

Recent geneticstudies confirm that the disappearance of millions ofmammoths, wooly rhinos and other creatures were not due tohunting at all, but rather appear to be related to a suddenchange in climate.
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