Canadian inventor Vincent Tao has developed a method bywhich anybody with a web browser can become a high tech spy.

The engineer at York University in Toronto says that hismapping and surveillance tool can produce images so sharpthat the makes of cars can be discerned, as can the clothingpeople are wearing, although not the details of their faces.

SAME (see anywhere, map anywhere) combines satellite imagesof the earth with real-time imagery from traffice andweather cameras. The resolution is an astounding two feet,according to the inventor.

He claims that it will be possible to zoom from a globalscale to a street level image, updated in real time and inhigh resolution.

The technology could become available as early as next year,and would have obvious uses in public and privatesurveillance, environmental monitoring and possiblyemergency response and defense applications. Not to mentiondivorce cases and private eye work.

Obviously, the technology has the potential to be abused.For example, stalkers could follow their victims from adistance, only striking when the person is in the mostvulnerable situation possible.

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