In Whitley Strieber’s book the Key, theMaster of the Keystates, “You can save yourselves by a number of means…Gaincontrol over your moon, which contains an isotope of heliumthat will become extremely valuable to you if you can devisebetter uses of energy. Otherwise, this will continue to bemined by others.”

Now scientists are saying that Helium 3, rare on earth butabundant on the moon, could be the most valuable source ofnew energy in the solar system. When Helium 3 combines withdeuterium via fusion, a tremendous amount of energy is produced.

The moon contains enough Helium 3 to provide earth with apollution-free energy source for hundreds of years to come.However, the reactor technology needed to utilize it maytake years to develop.

By 2050, earth will be desperate for energy and in danger ofdestruction from fossil fuel pollution. Helium 3 from themoon could be the answer, and if the Master of the Key isworth listening to, it certainly is.

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