After the Chinese began to enforce a one-child-only policy,in an attempt to stem overpopulation, Chinese parents begancommitting “gendercide” by abandoning or aborting theirdaughters. Family planner Gu Baochang calls it “the largest,the highest, and the longest” gender imbalance in the world.This is a time bomb that is getting ready to explode, asmillions of young Chinese men face a future without thepossibility of marriage.

Eric Baculinao writes in NBC News that from a relativelynormal ratio of 108.5 boys to 100 girls in the 19 80s, themale surplus rose to 111 in 1990, 116 in 2000, and is now isclose to 120 boys for each 100 girls. The UN?s Khalid Maliksays this is a “huge societal issue. In eight to 10 years,we will have something like 40 to 60 million missing women.”This will have “enormous implications” for China’sprostitution industry, causing a large increase in AIDS.

In the 1980’s cheap and portable ultrasound scanners made itpossible to identify female fetuses easily and abort them.Population expert Chu Junhong says, “Prenatal sex selectionwas probably the primary cause, if not the sole cause, forthe continuous rise of the sex ratio at birth.”

Family planner Dr. Gu Baochang says, “We still have a lot ofwork to do. There’s no road map yet on how to achieve thegoal of normal sex ratio.”

The thought of all these ghostly girls is appalling. Learnabout one mother right here in the U.S. who adopted a familyofghostchildren.

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