Subscribers get to hear inside information about the Coral Castle in Florida from George Naruns, who met a relative of Ed Leedskalnin, the late creator of Coral Castle, while on a trip to Latvia. Since George?s parents are Latvian, he speaks the language and travels there frequently, so he could understand the details he was told. Naruns has personally researched Coral Castle for over 25 years.

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George Naruns is of Latvian background and speaks fluentLatvian. He is also in business in Latvia and the UnitedStates, and has has a 25 year fascination with EdLeedskalnin’s mysterious CoralCastle in Flordia.

George believes that a Latvian man, John Leedskalnin whocould be related to Ed, may also have the secret of theCoral Castle.

Both Ed and John make use of a simple tripod arrangementof poles to lift very large tonnage. Ed’s lifting device canbe compared to John’s by looking at the two pictures in thisarticle. John says that he could lift as much as ten tonswith his, using only a block and tackle placed in the apexof the tripod.
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In his new journal,Whitley writes about a possible war between Iran and Israel,now that Iran may have a nuclear bomb. He says a widerMideast war is on the way, and we are not going to see itcoming, because we have lost crucial intelligence resourcesin Iran due to the loss of ‘outed’ spy Valerie Plame.

GeorgeNaruns believes that a Latvian man, John Leedskalnin, whocould be related to the man who built the Coral Castle inFlorida, may have the secret of how the huge stones werelifted. To view the images that Whitley and George discussin this week’s Dreamland subscriber interview,click here.

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