Crop Circle Research of Canada is beginning to report thekind of complex circles that used to be seen only in theU.K. In Canada, these formations started out as simplecircles and have advanced in complexity every year. One ofthese formations had a “key” shape of the kind seenextensively in the U.K. in the past.

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A new government report calledOurChanging Planet says people are responsible for the globalwarming of the past 30 years. This idea has long beenaccepted by scientists, but has been resisted by bigbusiness interests in the White House who don’t want toforce industries to curb their greenhouse gas emissions orproduce low-emission cars.

Maggie McKee writes in New Scientist that the report, whichsummarizes recent computer simulations by 13 governmentagencies, reports that global warming in the first half ofthe 20th century “was likely due to natural climatevariation,” including increased solar activity. But thetemperature rise over the second half of the century,especially in the last 30 years, can only be explained byhuman activity.
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Butterfliesand birds aremissing from some areas and turning up in others?and now thesame thing is happening with lobsters. There are fewerlobsters than there used to be everywhere along the EastCoast except Maine, where there are more lobsters than everbefore. Scientists are trying to discover why this ishappening.

Jeff Donn writes that some researchers think overfishing isthe problem, but that doesn’t account for the huge lobstercatches in Maine. The same is true for diseases, pollutants,and predators?why would Maine be exempt?

The answer could be global warming, which is warming thesouthern waters where lobsters can be found. Maine, being sofar north, is still cold enough for them to livecomfortably, so they are thriving there.
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The mummy of King Cheops (also known as Khufu) is supposedto be inside the Great Pyramid, but it’s never been foundand it’s been assumed it was stolen by grave robbers, alongwith the gold and jewels entombed with it. But now, 4,500years after the pyramid was completed, Khufu’s burialchamber may have been found?but we’ll probably never get tosee it.

Laura Spinney writes in The Guardian that usingarchitectural analysis and ground-penetrating radar, amateurFrench Egyptologists Gilles Dormion and Jean-Yves Verd’hurthave discovered a previously unknown corridor inside thepyramid that they think leads to Khufu’s burial chamber. Ifthis room exists, it hasn’t been opened since the mummy wasplaced there, meaning everything Khufu was buried withremains intact.
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