The strange “beach blobs” that have been washing up on the shores of beaches worldwide have finally been identified.

Jon Copley writes in New Scientist that the “Chilean Blob” and other similar gobs of goo found on beaches are the remains of whales.

In July 2003, a 13-ton blob washed ashore in Chile. Since it contained no bones, marine biologists thought it might be the body of a new species of giant octopus. But eventually they found unique glands that only belong to sperm whales inside the blob.

Researcher Sidney Pierce used electron microscopy on the blob, that revealed the tough collagen fibers in whale tissue. Also fragments of its DNA match that of a sperm whale.
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Global warming affects the kinds of foods that can be grown in different areas and scientists worry that the staple foods of specific parts of the world, such as corn in South America, wheat in the West and rice in Asia, may no longer be able to be grown in the areas that rely on them.

Already, warmer nighttime temperatures have led to a drop in crop yield at the International Rice Research Institute Farm in the Philippines. A 17-year study in the U.S. showed that increases in temperature resulted in reductions in corn and soybean yields.
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The USDA has announced that the U.S. cow that tested positive for Mad Cow Disease does not actually have the disease, according to a second test. But a food industry spokesman says there could be over 100 cases of Mad Cow in U.S. herds right now.

Steve Mitchell writes that food consultant Robert LaBudde says that about half of the Mad Cow cases will go undetected and the meat will be sold for human consumption. He says, “There is no question that we will be seeing a dozen or more?possibly 100 or more?cases of BSE-positive cattle in our national herd.”
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Whitley talks about the Day After Tomorrow and how, despite what most scientists are saying, the fossil record shows that extreme weather changes have happened in hours in the past and lasted for millennia. Then Jay Weidener on the mysteries of the Great Cross of Hendaye and the equally mysterious Fulcanelli, a Master of the Key-like man who revealed the cross’s hidden code. Finally, Linda gets a Mars scientist to admit that life is almost certainly there. A WOW of a program!

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