Skywatch International director Jim Hickman talks about an autopsy report of a possible human mutilation just received from Brazil. This is one of the most deeply disturbing interviews on this website. If such things frighten you, DO NOT LISTEN. He speaks graphically and frankly about the contents of the report. Jim’s website is Whitley wonders aloud why experiences such as his own could be so valuable, when there appears to be such a dark side to the close encounter phenomenon.

NOTE: This show summary, previously published on our old site, may contain broken more has discovered two remarkable photos?one of a new crop circle in the U.K., the other of UFOs in Paris.

To see several beautiful images of the new crop circle, click here and scroll down. It was discovered on June 26 at Milk Hill, near Alton Barnes in Wiltshire?the heart of crop circle country?and is obviously the image of a gigantic insect. There have other insect-like crop circles in the past few years.

The French Signes (Signs) website reports that 2 triangle-shaped UFOs were seen in Paris on June 30. The UFOs were seen by a witness from his apartment balcony. To see the Paris UFO images, click here.
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In our last poll, we asked you, “How has your weather changed?” This time we’re asking you “What are your politics?” (All replies are anonymous). We list almost every political affiliation possible, but you can check “Other” as well. As for weather, 48% say it’s “Somewhat more violent and changeable,” 25% say it’s “About the same,” 20% say it’s “Much more violent and changeable,” 6% says it’s “Quieter and more stable” and 1% say it’s “Exceptionally stable.” This isn’t surprising, since global warming affects different regions in different ways.

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Exposure to lead in early childhood may be one of the reasons for the wave of violent crime in the 20th century. It also may explain why most criminals come from urban areas.

Joan Lowy writes that economist Rick Nevin discovered that the post World War II use of leaded gasoline, which peaked in the 1970s, meant that nearly 80% of children had lead levels in their blood that exceeded today’s safety threshold. The problem was the worst for inner city children who were not only breathing auto exhaust, but also living in older housing contaminated with lead paint.
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