A Dreamland first! William Henry is our new alternate host, and he has a polished and absolutely fascinating first outing as he interviews Richard Hoagland with a focus on ancient knowledge with William’s expert perspective. This interview reveals the true depth of Richard Hoagland’s knowledge and the power of his driving concern that all people be allowed to share in the ancient secret knowledge that he believes the authorities are withholding from us. Powerful stuff. Hoagland on a level you have never heard before. Then Linda Howe interviews the Texas rancher who shot the unknown animal on his property last week–an animal Whitley Strieber’s brother turns out to have seen!
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Whitley Strieber and Richard Hoagland talk about their early days on the Mars Committee and Richard reveals his latest thinking about Mars and many other topics. This marks the first time anywhere that Whitley has interviewed Richard, and it is very special stuff indeed.

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We’re again giving away a free Stargate DVD with every orderof a book byWilliamHenry. This popular DVD is a recording of a lecture Williamgave and cannot be purchased?it’s only available as agiveaway with every William Henry order. This offer is onlygood while supplies last, so don’t delay! And listen toWilliam’s interview with Richard Hoagland on this week’sDreamland.

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Someday you may be able to buy a car that “smiles” or”frowns,” meaning you’ll no longer feel the need to makenasty gestures to other drivers.

Sabra Chartrand writes in The New York Times that Toyota isdeveloping a car that can glare angrily at another car aswell as appear to cry, laugh or wink. Kenji Mori, NaotoKitagawa, Akihiro Inukai and Simon Humprhies have designed acar with an antenna that wags, a body height that raises andlowers, headlights that vary in intensity, and hood slitsand ornamentation designed to look like eyebrows, eyelidsand tears, all of which can glow with colored lights toexpress different emotions.
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