Melissa wrote us a new Communion Letter about an experience she remembers from long ago. She says: Back in 1995, I happened to read a few lines of yours that I found shocking and wanted to write to you then, but, of course, life got “in the way,” and I never did. This time I decided I just had to contact you.
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Melissawrote us a newCommunionLetter about an experience she remembers from 20 years ago.She writes: I had the experience of seeing 6 tall, very trimbeings marching in tight, two-by-two unison up the centralstaircase of my home. I was floating in the hallway upstairsand I could see the 6 of them in their white suits andhelmets coming up the steps. I knew they were coming for me,but I didn’t know why.

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Are some people "born to be bad?" Scientists say that certain people inherit DNA that gives them more aggression and lessserotonin (the hormone that makes us happy). But even if you’re born with a bad gene, your mother can save you.

Andy Coghlan writes in New Scientist that a 2002 study bypsychiatrist Terrie Moffitt followed the lives of 1037 New Zealand children born in 1972. She found that children weremuch more likely to grow up to be aggressive and antisocial if they inherited a "short" version of a gene called MAOA,which makes it harder to absorb serotonin. But it only became a problem if the kids had an abusive upbringing. If they had GOOD mothers, they were usually completely normal.
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Does prayer really help heal? Medical researchersinvestigated the role played by prayer in both physical andemotional healing. The results? Prayer can help, but only ifyou believe it can.

Researcher Randall Fitzgeraldwrites in Phenomena Magazine that prayer studies in the pasthave produced mixed results. In this new study from theUniversity of Texas Health Science Center, 86 male andfemale patients were assigned to either be prayed for or tonon-prayer control groups. Two-thirds of them were churchmembers, and each one filled out a questionnaire about howmuch they believed prayer could heal.
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