Fifteen tourists in China were injured because one of theircell phones was struck by lightning while they were walkingon a section of the Great Wall. It acted as a lightning rod,injuring all of them.

A hospital worker says of one of the injured men: “He felt alittle dizzy, but he’s been discharged now.” Following thefreak accident, signs have been put up along the Great Wallwarning people to turn off their cell phones duringlightning storms.

Atmospheric scientist Liu Shuhua says, “The electromagneticwaves emitted by mobile phones are quite good conductors ofelectricity.”
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A typical date involves going to a movie, and this isn’t abad idea, since scientists say watching a film can increasehormone levels?but to get the right hormones, you have topick the right movie.

Some hormones make people aggressive, while others, like thehormone progesterone, make us feel romantic. Watching “TheBridges of Madison County” caused progesterone levels torise by more than 10% percent in both men and women.However, the film also caused men’s testosterone levels tofall. High testosterone makes men to feel sexy and helpsthem perform.

Watching “The Godfather Part II” caused men’s testosteronelevels to soar by 30%. However, watching a documentary aboutthe Amazon rain forest didn’t change the hormones of eithermen or women.
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It’s no use trying to change?new research shows you wereleft-handed when you were a 10-week-old fetus in yourmother’s womb.

Laura Spinney writes in New Scientist that the hand youfavor as a fetus is the hand you’ll favor for the rest ofyour life. Peter Hepper studied ultrasound scans of 1,000fetuses and found that nine out of 10 of them preferred tosuck their right thumbs. He later found that the samechildren, when older, were all right-handed, while the leftthumb-suckers were left-handed.

“There is no evidence that the brain has any control overthese movements at this stage,” says Hepper. He thinks thepreference for one side of the body may be because that sidedevelops slightly faster.
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It’s bad enough worrying about West Nile Disease, but nowMalaria, another mosquito-borne disease, has already hitFlorida. Withglobal warming, will it arrive in the rest of the U.S. aswell?
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