Here’s another one of our new Communion Letters. In it,Christy writes: For a long time I dismissed a childhood story I wrote and illustrated containing descriptions of another world and images of big-eyed beings, because my sister told me my mom had been reading your books at that time, and the cover of your book somehow led to my creative drawings. I wrote the book when I was in the 5th grade in 1985, but then I realized while reading Communion that it was not published until 1987-88. It was like, “I knew it…!”

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We recently wrote about mysterious fires spontaneously breaking out in the Italian town of Canneto di Caronia. TVs and appliances burst into flames, cars refused to unlock and cell phones rang when no one was calling. The residents were evacuated and the scientists moved in with their equipment. Now the villagers have moved back home, but there’s still no solution to the mystery.
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She’s on a low carb diet, he carries a cell phone?no wonder they can’t have kids. Researchers have found that a low carb diet makes women less fertile, while carrying a cell phone does the same thing to men.

Caroline Ryan writes in that when the Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine fed mice a diet containing 25% protein, it made them less fertile. Researcher David Gardner says, “The rate of fetal development was severely reduced as a result of the high protein diet of the mother?”It’s conceivable that people who have protein intakes greater than 30% may have problems conceiving.”
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U.S. health officials say the U.S. strain of West Nile virus is deadlier to humans and birds than anywhere else on the planet, except for Israel. Could West Nile be Saddam Hussein’s revenge?

WorldNet Daily and Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin report that in most parts of the world, West Nile causes mild flu-like symptoms. While it affects most people here that way too, it can prove fatal and it’s 100% fatal to birds. Israel was the first place in the world where West Nile virus killed birds. Before 1997, it made them sick, but wasn’t fatal. West Nile first appeared in the United States in 1999 in New York state and is rapidly spreading West. During June, cases were confirmed in Los Angeles.
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