U.S. health officials say the U.S. strain of West Nile virus is deadlier to humans and birds than anywhere else on the planet, except for Israel. Could West Nile be Saddam Hussein’s revenge?

WorldNet Daily and Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin report that in most parts of the world, West Nile causes mild flu-like symptoms. While it affects most people here that way too, it can prove fatal and it’s 100% fatal to birds. Israel was the first place in the world where West Nile virus killed birds. Before 1997, it made them sick, but wasn’t fatal. West Nile first appeared in the United States in 1999 in New York state and is rapidly spreading West. During June, cases were confirmed in Los Angeles.

Could West Nile be Saddam’s revenge? The virus originated in the Middle East. In a July 12, 1999 article in The New Yorker magazine, Richard Preston quoted Saddam Hussein talking about “his final weapon, developed in laboratories outside Iraq?free of U.N. inspection, the laboratories will develop strain SV 141 of the West Nile virus.”

Saddam was friends with Fidel Castro and the U.S. has long suspected that Cuba’s extensive biological laboratories may be producing bioweapons. In 1998, Clinton administration Defense Secretary William S. Cohen said he was “concerned about the use of Cuba as a base for intelligence activities directed against the United States” and “Cuba’s potential to develop and produce biological agents, given its biotechnology infrastructure.” His office produced a report titled “The Cuba Threat to U.S. National Security,” which said, “Cuba’s biotechnology industry is one of the most advanced in emerging countries and would be capable of producing biological warfare agents.” That same year, the CIA released a report that warned of the dangers of a bioweapon attack on the U.S. that would be blamed on natural causes.

In 1997, Dr. Manuel Cereijo wrote a paper titled “Castro: A Threat to the Security of the United States.” In it, he said, “To conduct a bacteriological attack, a country or a terrorist group does not need to have any sophisticated means of delivery, such as a missile. A container the size of a five-pound sugar bag can bring bacteriological materials capable of causing over 50,000 causalities in an urban area, depending on the flow of air and atmospheric conditions.”

Researcher Jonathan F. Day says, “The sporadic appearance of WNV is disturbing, especially its appearance in the Florida Keys. It really appears that WN has been seeded throughout the eastern half of the United States. I guess the question is, by whom?”

Worst things than West Nile were produced in Lab 257.

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