She’s on a low carb diet, he carries a cell phone?no wonder they can’t have kids. Researchers have found that a low carb diet makes women less fertile, while carrying a cell phone does the same thing to men.

Caroline Ryan writes in that when the Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine fed mice a diet containing 25% protein, it made them less fertile. Researcher David Gardner says, “The rate of fetal development was severely reduced as a result of the high protein diet of the mother?”It’s conceivable that people who have protein intakes greater than 30% may have problems conceiving.”

But an Atkins spokesman says, “The study subjects were mice, which are herbivores. Whether or not these findings or effects would apply to humans, who are omnivores, is unknown.”

Research also suggests that carrying a cell phone in his pocket can reduce a man’s fertility, because radiation from the phone can reduce his number of sperm. Researchers from Hungary have found that men who had their phones on standby all day had about one third less sperm that those who did not. The sperm that remained were swimming abnormally, reducing their chances of fertilization.

But researcher Hans Evers says, “Mobile phones are related to a certain lifestyle and they may be related to stress, to a heavily occupied business man rushing around from one office to another, having a lot of concerns in the life, there’s all kind of things. And it is known that this decreases sperm counts and if you compare that to farmers living in the open air, on the land and not carrying a mobile phone at all you can explain the difference by completely other ways than the use of a mobile phone.”

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