Joyce Riley VonKleist, of the American Gulf War Veterans Association, writes that nearly half of the 697,000 Gulf War I Veterans are ill and have received no adequate diagnosis or treatment. Whenever veterans become ill, the term “mystery illness” seems to be the only diagnosis that’s made, and veterans are then left to fend for themselves. Now soldiers in the Gulf are being diagnosed with the mystery illness all over again. Don?t miss this important Insight.

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People who get tattoos may be putting poisonous chemicals into their skin because they don’t know what ingredients are in the dyes. But tattoos and body piercing will soon be passe anyway?the newest fad will be creating new body parts and grafting them onto your body.

The European Commission says most of the inks used in tattoos were originally developed for other purposes, such as automobile paints or printing, and warns, “Would you inject car paint into your skin?” Laws that force tattoo artists to use gloves and sterile needles do not include rules about dyes, meaning they could be impure or dirty without breaking the law.
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Florida residents have to watch out for mosquitoes, since they carry the West Nile Virus. Now it turns out that alligators carry it too. Researchers have found that the levels of West Nile in alligators is 4 times as high as in birds, and they can pass it on to humans via mosquitoes. And the Centers for Disease Control say that West Nile is spreading much faster this season than they expected.
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Prehistoric art in Australia that is invisible to the naked eye is being discovered by digital cameras and image-enhancing computers. Archeologists take pictures of blank walls and enhance them, and ancient images magically appear.

Archeologist Bruno David says, “Sometimes you can see a trace of something, but even when a painting has faded completely from view, the colors have gone into the rock. With image enhancement, we can separate out those colors from the gray of the rock and transpose them with ones that our own eyes and brains are more sensitive to. Suddenly we can see what was invisible before.”
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