The smoke and toxic dust from the destruction of the World Trade Center on 911 affected pregnant women living nearby, causing them to have smaller babies, which tend to have more health and developmental problems. A new report says the White House told the EPA to downplay the dangers of the dust so as not to cause a panic. If they’d been honest with the public, some of these Moms might have left the area and their babies might not have been affected.
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John Greenewald started requesting Freedom of Information documents on UFOs while he was still in high school, and has amassed proof that the government takes this subject seriously. Don’t miss his book Beyond UFO Secrecy and his Black Vault CD.

Nick Redfern asks why, if there’s no evidence of UFOs, the government is so darned interested in them?and in phenomena like crop circles as well. His Strange Secrets probes this mystery.
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Archeologists have a new interpretation of Macchu Picchu, known as the magical “lost city” of the Incas. To get their new evidence, they didn’t have to travel to Peru?they simply dug for artifacts in the basement of the Peabody Museum of Natural History at Yale.

Explorer Hiram Bingham III came upon the deserted city in 1911. Ever since then, archeologists have been trying to figure out what a large city was doing 6,750 feet up in the mountains. Some thought the Incas built it when they fled the European invasion. Others thought it was an ancient spiritual center.
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We’re at the beginning of a ten-year-long cosmic dust storm and we don’t know what the consequences will be. The Sun’s magnetic poles have flipped, as they do periodically, so now some of the dust that floats around in our galaxy will be sucked into our solar system. The Sun used to act as a shield, protecting us from it. Cosmic dust bombardment in the past may have caused ice ages and mass extinctions. Stuart Clark writes in New Scientist that this data comes from DUST, an experiment on the ESA/NASA mission Ulysses, launched in 1990. ESA scientist Markus Landgraf found that three times more galactic dust is now entering the Solar System than during the 1990s. He doesn’t know how this will effect the more