People who get tattoos may be putting poisonous chemicals into their skin because they don’t know what ingredients are in the dyes. But tattoos and body piercing will soon be passe anyway?the newest fad will be creating new body parts and grafting them onto your body.

The European Commission says most of the inks used in tattoos were originally developed for other purposes, such as automobile paints or printing, and warns, “Would you inject car paint into your skin?” Laws that force tattoo artists to use gloves and sterile needles do not include rules about dyes, meaning they could be impure or dirty without breaking the law.

So stop tattooing and forget piercing, which can cause infections. Lakshmi Sandhana writes in that the Australian artist Stelarc is taking body decoration to a new level by having a third ear grown from his skin and cartilage and implanted on his arm. He first wanted to put it in front of his current right ear, but was told this would be unsafe, so he settled for his forearm. It won’t be able to hear, but with a sensor and implanted sound chip, the ear will automatically speak to anyone who gets close to it.

You know nothing about piercing until you’ve met up with Lilith.

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