Clonaid, which claims to have created the first human clones, has distributed a photograph of one of the clones for the first time. In the photo, the baby is in an incubator and can barely be seen. Supposedly, this little boy, who was born in Japan, is the 3rd of the 5 babies they’ve cloned. Clonaid president Brigitte Boisselier showed the photo on a trip to Brazil and says the baby’s father will soon travel to Brazil to offer scientists proof that the baby’s DNA is identical to that of a deceased sibling.
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U.S. and international health officials now think the mystery disease that originated in Asia and is spreading rapidly throughout the U.S. is a tough new version of the common cold. It was earlier reported to be a form of the virus that causes measles and mumps, but now the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says tests reveal traces of a form of microbe known as a coronavirus in the tissue of people infected with “severe acute respiratory syndrome,” or SARS. CDC director Dr. Julie Gerberding says, “If (coronavirus) is not the entire cause of SARS, it at least contributes to it.”

The next goal is to develop a diagnostic test to identify people who have SARS, instead of ordinary flu, which could lead to a more effective treatment for the new disease.
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Russian arms dealers have supplied Iraq with electronic equipment that can throw U.S. planes and bombs off course. A Russian company is helping the Iraqi military deploy global-positioning system (GPS) jammers that can divert our smart bombs, which are guided by global satellites, from their designated targets. They could end up falling on civilian sites, killing innocent people. GPS jamming could have been responsible for a recent incident in which 14 people died and 30 were injured in Baghdad when a shopping area was hit by in an air strike. Two missiles hit a busy street of shops that are not near any military buildings. Stores were burned and several cars were set on fire by the more

A few years ago, Jim Marrs, author of the popular book Rule by Secrecy, wrote a book that blew the cover on the government’s clandestine psychic spying program?and was told it couldn’t be published! A much tamer book on the same subject by another author was put out by his publisher later. That didn’t stop Jim, so he published it himself?and we’ve got the last 40 copies! After these are gone, there will be no more, so don’t miss Psi Spies. Every copy is autographed by Jim.

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