Clonaid, which claims to have created the first human clones, has distributed a photograph of one of the clones for the first time. In the photo, the baby is in an incubator and can barely be seen. Supposedly, this little boy, who was born in Japan, is the 3rd of the 5 babies they’ve cloned. Clonaid president Brigitte Boisselier showed the photo on a trip to Brazil and says the baby’s father will soon travel to Brazil to offer scientists proof that the baby’s DNA is identical to that of a deceased sibling.

Boisselier says some of the parents as well as other couples wanting to have cloned children will have a meeting in Sao Paulo. “Parents who want to be cloned, and those that have been cloned already, will be there,” she says. “?The baby in Israel?Eve?is doing well. She is almost three months old now. The American parents are very happy and they might be in Brazil, but I cannot announce that yet?They want to start an organization?Human Clone Rights.”

No, clones are not one of the seven experiments that could change the world, but many other fascinating and surprising things are.

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