Mexican President Vicente Fox has announced a program to protect the forests that are used as a winter haven by hundreds of millions of Monarch butterflies every year. A fund created by the government and private foundations called the Monarch Trust will pay local residents to stop cutting down trees and to grow additional forests in the areas visited by the butterflies. Fox visited the area recently and earmarked $12.4 for the job.

Each year, between 25 million and 170 million orange-and-black Monarch butterflies complete a journey of more than 3,000 miles from the United States and Canada to reach a butterfly reserve located in a small area of pine forest in the central Mexican states of Mexico and Michoacan. The butterflies return to the north in February and March. read more

Many of our website readers and Dreamland listeners also listen to Art Bell on Coast to Coast AM and they?re been worried about the recent bout of back pain that kept him off the air for so long. A new study shows why patients find it so difficult to recover from a back injury ? it?s because they start using the wrong muscles to bend and lift. This causes further injury to the spinal column and turns a short-term muscle injury into a long-term problem.

Professor William Marras of Ohio State University studied more than 20 patients with low back pain. His team wired them up to devices which recorded electrical activity in their back muscles, showing whether the person was using them or not. The results were compared with those from uninjured people.
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