After more than 50 years, Britain?s Directorate of Intelligence, Scientific and Technical has abandoned its search for UFOs and ETs.

Since the early 1950s, reports of UFO sightings by members of the public and military personnel have been logged by the Ministry of Defense and passed on to its intelligence branch.

The directorate specializes in scientific espionage and analysis of advanced technologies but last year it requested that it be sent no further reports of UFO sightings. ?These records, whether from members of the public or service sources, have not proved valuable,? the department concluded in recent documents.
read more reports there is a UFO wave in Texas, with over a dozen sightings. In Houston, Robert Thompson reported that on October 25, 2001, he was awake at 1:30 am and saw what I believes was a UFO. ?It didn?t have any lights on it, but I was still able to see it very clearly traveling across the sky,? he says. ?It was traveling west very fast and was oval. It was very high in the sky. It was the size of a quarter held at arm?s length. I would put my hand on the Holy Bible and swear to you that I saw what I said I saw. I don?t know what it was. However, it was big enough to see in the dark night sky, and it truly frightened me.? He is certain that it wasn?t an airplane.
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Scientists in South Korea have made a discovery that explains why homeopathic remedies work. It has to do with what happens when you dissolve a substance in water and then add more water. The discovery could provide the first scientific insight into how some homeopathic remedies work.

Homeopaths repeatedly dilute medications, believing that the higher the dilution, the more potent the remedy becomes. Some dilute to ?infinity? until no molecules of the remedy remain. They believe that water holds a memory, or ?imprint? of the active ingredient which is more potent than the ingredient itself.
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A three-year survey of bidding behavior on the online auction site eBay shows what to avoid if you want to get a bargain: lots that are illustrated, lots from regular sellers, weekend bidding and long auctions.

The research, conducted on the California-based site eBay, showed that if you buy an item that is illustrated with a photograph, it could set you back by an extra 11 per cent, compared to a similar item without a picture. And merchandise sold during the weekend costs about two per cent more.

The study was conducted by Charles Wood of the Mendoza School of Business at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana and his colleagues at the University of Minnesota. They looked at the sale of coins on eBay from 1999 to 2001.
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