Dreamland regular and Nostradamus expert John Hogue has taken a look at the current situation overhead and thought long and hard about it. Mars will be at its closest point to earth in twenty five years on the summer solstice. On the same day, a total eclipse of the sun will cross the southern hemisphere. The sun seems to be down with the flu. And a comet, dramatically breaking up, will pass within 22 million miles of earth on June 30.

So, is any of this reflected in prophecy? Have the end times finally arrived? When it comes to prophecy and prophets, John Hogue knows more than most of us ever thought possible. Read about King Surd’s Dream and the end of the world by fire in July, 2001. (Expect to be surprised.)

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In poor African countries, patients with HIV often cannot afford their medicines, even when they are heavily discounted in cost. Africa is home to 26.5 million of the 37 million people in the world living with HIV. Scientists fear the result may be new superstrains of HIV that are resistant to the drugs.

This same process has happened with tuberculosis. We now have drugs that cure TB, but if a patient does not take the full course of the drugs, he can become reinfected with a super form of the disease that is drug-resistant. This new TB superbug can then be passed on to others.
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In England it?s legal to bet on virtually anything, as long as you do it through a bookie. Now bookies have slashed the odds on the Prime Minister officially announcing that aliens are real.

The move comes after Scottish news photographer Mark Runnacles captured a possible UFO flying over Glasgow. Alexander McCallum also photographed a UFO that looks the same as the one snapped by Runnacles. ?When I saw the pictures,? he says, ?I was amazed because I photographed what appears to have been an identical flying saucer over Glasgow three weeks ago. I didn?t know I had got it until the film was developed later.?
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In an eerie and disturbing confirmation of a major part of the scenario popularized by Whitley Strieber and Art Bell in their book, the Coming Global Superstorm,a scientific study just published in the prestigious British scientific journal Nature confirms that North Atlantic ocean currents essential to climactic stability appear to be failing.

The paper does not mention the possibility of dramatic storms accompanying the failure of the currents, but such events would appear to be a strong possibility, based on paleoclimatological records. It suggests that the most pessimistic scenario sees Europe experiencing another ice age.
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