Poor nutrition can lead to mutations of the viruses that attack your body and can cause you to get more dangerous forms of the flu and even AIDS and Ebola, according to researchers. In tests, deficiencies of selenium allowed the human influenza virus to mutate into more virulent forms in mice and it?s expected that similar mutations occur in humans.

Selenium is found in meat and in grains such as wheat and rice and helps the body to fight off infections. There is no need to supplement your diet to get adequate amounts of selenium, as long as you are adequately nourished.
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June 11, 2001: Timothy McVeigh died today, defiant even as the lethal drugs entered his body. He was responsible for the murder of 168 people, including 33 children. Since his act of terrorism, the militia movement that he believed would rise up in open defiance as a result of his act has instead faded away.

Mr. McVeigh said at one point that his was an act of vengance against the federal government. The government, acting on behalf of the dead, the injured and the grief- stricken survivors, has now taken its vengance upon Mr. McVeigh.

Even the foreign press, which is wont to portray the U.S. as a land of barbarians because of this country’s use of the death penalty, has not been particularly critical of its application in this case.
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Thousands of people were forced from their homes or stranded on flooded freeways as rains from Tropical Storm Allison swept Houston. As of Monday, June 11, fifteen people had been found dead and more than 20,000 rendered homeless in the Houston area, and massive rainfall totals had been recorded across most of east Texas and Louisiana as well.

Highways were turned into lakes and rivers, and three people died in the flood. One woman was found drowned in a downtown Houston office building. She was in an elevator that lost power during the storm and plunged to the flooded basement.

?It?s bad, it is a disaster,? said Mayor Lee Brown, as he toured the city by helicopter. ?Some subdivisions are flooding over,? he said.
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Most major U.S. newspapers, like The New York Times and The Washington Post, duck and run when it comes to UFOs, or use ridicule as a shield against having to deal with the subject. There are a few brave reporters around, like Leslie Kean, who managed to get a story about pilot sightings of UFOs into a group of newspapers across the country this spring.

We?ve discovered another courageous reporter who writes a column for a paper in Wisconsin Rapids called The Daily Tribune. Greg Swank was not only willing to take the subject of UFOs seriously and write about it objectively, he was courageous enough to tell about his own sighting. We wish the major national dailies would recruit some reporters like Swank.

To read his column, click here.
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