A wave of UFO sightings is occurring across the Midwestern US, according to reports being received by George Filer?s Filer?s Files. In Evansville, Indiana, witnesses spotted a group of UFOs that looked like ?a fleet of plates, all gray except for the lights, flying through the air on April 13, 2001.? They go on to say, ?We saw [them] real early in the morning at 2:27 am. The discs were hovering there for about 20 seconds, then they took off towards the north. They had numerous lights on the bottom that were a reddish color and turned green when they left. They had many weird-looking fins that were in the shape of a spiral that led into the center, which constantly opened and closed.read more

Hundreds of pieces of Roman armor, similar to the type worn in the movie “Gladiator,” have been unearthed in an archaeological dig in England.

The find was made at Carlisle Castle in Cumbria, as archaeologists uncovered buildings dating back to the Emperor Hadrian’s visit to Britain in 122 AD. Among the discoveries was a workshop where armor was made containing hundreds of pieces of armor and weaponry, including spears, arrow heads and sling shots.
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