As the Mad Cow Disease panic hits Germany and suspected meat is being recalled, butcher shops are empty and restaurants are no longer serving steaks.

During the first BSE scare in November, shoppers switched to game, but they are now being warned that the deer in Germanforests have been fed the same bone-meal feed that was given to cattle.

Scientists have especially cautioned Germans not to eat sausage, which is a staple there, because organ meat is usually ground into the mixture. Lamb may have scrapie and chickens have salmonella.
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An insecticide that has long been applied to the spines of cattle in the U.K. in order to ward off flies could be thecause of Mad Cow Disease.

Cambridge University researcher David R. Brown has shown that the organophosphates in Phosmet could have damaged prions in the cattle, setting the stage for the BSE, which has spread to humans through contaminated meat. Also, medicines for head lice that are used directly on humans contain organophosphates that could result in Alzheimers-like diseases later in life, due to damaged prions. The Nazis knew the dangers of this substance, since they used organophosphates in chemical weapons they were developing during the second World War.
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An ancient coral reef in Papua New Guinea reveals that El Ninos and La Ninas, the pulses of warm and cold water in thePacific that cause extreme weather patterns such as droughts, floods and storms, have never been stronger than they are today.

So far, scientists have been unable to predict future El Ninos, meaning that they cannot prepare for weather emergencies. El Nino, the giant patch of unusually warm water, can disrupt fishing, produce rough weather on the West Coast of the U.S., and cause droughts in places like Indonesia. La Nina, which produces cold water, causes the terrible winter storms that batter the Northwest and the hot, dry summers of the Southwest.
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A modern earthquake rocked southwestern Greece last week, but there were no reports of damage or injuries. The 4.1magnitude quake occurred under the ocean, west of Athens.

A 4.2 magnitude quake hit Iran last week as well. No reports of damage or injuries have been reported there, either.

Recently, quakes have been felt in El Salvador and off an island in Japan. There have been minor quakes in Ohio and New York City.

Are more quakes coming? After one of the worst earthquakes in history hit India, killing over 100,000 people, many of usare quaking with fear about the future. Will the Big One finally hit Los Angeles, as forecasters have been predictingfor years?
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