The thousands of people who live near an active volcano on Indonesia’s mainisland of Java have been told to prepare to evacuate their homes. MountMerapi, near the central city of Jogjakarta, has begun spewing molten rockand ash from its crater.

The volcano last erupted in 1994, when it destroyed a village and killed 60people.

Could recent UFO sightings in Indonesia be a signal that the volcano is becoming dangerously active? It has not been reported that UFOs were seennear the crater, as they were in Mexico City recently, when Popocatepetlthreatened to erupt.

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Six orange UFOs were seen this week in Indonesia. A woman who identified herself as Dahhlia Bidin called the New Straits Times and said, “I am seeing them now…so are a lot of other people. It’s causing a stir. Please check with the Ipoh Airport and tell me what they are.”

Her husband, Ismail Bidin, who works for an orphanage, was one of the first to see them. “All the 38 orphans there saw the objects, so did their religious teachers and villagers from neighboring Kampung Pintu Pandang,” he said.

The UFOs appeared in a straight line and were seen for about 10 minutes before they disappeared.

A housewife called the New Straits Times to report that she and her son saw the UFOs as well, and described them as being red in color.
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In a recent press release, Michael Mandeville, author of the Phoenix Trilogyabout the prophecies of Edgar Cayce, said that he has found a strongcorrelation between the outbreak of an El Nino and the location of the poleas the earth rocks back and forth in its annual orbit. This earth movementis known as Chandler’s Wobble. The cause of these large areas of warming inthe central Pacific, that effect weather patterns in North America, has longpuzzled scientists. Mandeville poured over graphs that plotted weatherpatterns for the past 100 years and has discovered that the onset of thenext El Nino can be predicted several months in advance at least seven outof eight times.
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I am sitting here stunned. I have just found out that the climate is changing much faster than scientists used to think. The extraordinary process of sudden climate change is not somewhere down the road. It is staring us right in the face. What is worse, we are absolutely unprepared. A large minority of the public actually believes the loopy idea that nothing is wrong with the climate. This silliness goes on, despite the warnings of science and the very visible–and violent– deterioration of the weather. Last summer was one of the warmest on record. This winter, the northern hemisphere– especially Siberia and Mongolia–have experienced terrifying cold, almost record-breaking cold.
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