The meteor that crossed the Midwest on the night of October 13 was almost certainly the re-entering remains of a Russian Proton Rocket, as originally claimed by NASA a few days after the incident.

A La Crosse, Kansas farmer has found the battered remains of the rocket on his farm. This was apparently the source of the story of the UFO descending in Hammond County, OK. In reality, the descent took place many miles to the north. It is possible that NORAD claimed that they had not tracked the object for security reasons.

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The strange object that moved across midwestern skies in the early evening of Friday, October 13, has become even stranger. Oklahoma UFO investigator Jim Hickman reports that he “was monitoring local law enforcement radio channels, and at 7:31 PM local time, a radio call came in that four or five fighter planes were sighted by local police officers, traveling to the northwest. At the same time, an unidentified flying object encountered the fighters and reportedly crashed into the ground north of Elk City, Oklahoma.”

Hickman further reported that the descending UFO was seen by multiple witnesses “as far west as Shamrock, Texas and as far east as Clinton, OK, north to Cheyenne, OK and south to Granite, OK.
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It’s likely that greenhouse gasses have “contributed substantially to the observed warming over the last fifty years,” says an international panel of climate scientists. They warn that temperatures could rise much more quickly than previously anticipated.

Given the rapid warming that is already taking place in the arctic, this could mean that the melting of major polar features is not far off. The weight and mass of polar ice has declined by 58% over the past fifty years and blue water appeared at the North Pole in July of 2000. Should the pole melt, the resulting flood of relatively warm fresh water into the arctic oceans could cause a decline in the force of ocean currents, and trigger sudden climate change.
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Extreme weather in Asia over the past six months may be a sign of a more extreme climate change, according to U.N. weather expert Michael Coughlan.

Since June, hundreds of people have been killed and millions left homeless by floods in Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Bangladesh and India this year. Meanwhile, drought has caused devastation in Iran and the southern republics of the former Soviet Union, and led to mass migrations in Afghanistan. In Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Afghanistan, over a million people are facing starvation and deaths by dehydration are occurring among children and the very old.
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