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Old Russian UFO Hoax Returns--Can It be True?

This video has long since been dismissed as a staged hoax, but Lee Spiegel of the Huffington Post asks why, if that is true, it is suddenly being resuscitated by various Russian news sources? Our take: it's a hoax and they're having a slow news day. But we could always be wrong.

Whitley Strieber asks is anybody has ever seen a figure resembling the one depicted in the video, please write him at whitley@strieber.com. If the body depicted is hoaxed, a lot of time and money was spent on fabricating it, which also goes for the rest of the video. Our assumption was that these were clips from a Russian movie that never got released, and we still incline in that direction.

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I scanned through the entire video. Do they ever show the hands or lower body? Is there another video that does? If not, IMHO it would make it more likely that this is a movie. I'm not a expert in special effects, but it seems this was done really well ($$$) and they would save money not having to make those extra parts.

Blue nitrile gloves weren't invented until 1980. In 1969 they would have used latex ones.

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