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Trucks Spread Superbugs

Humans aren't the only ones who use roads to travel from place to place--superbugs do too! Antibiotic resistant E. Coli is much more common in rural villages situated along roads than in towns located away from them, which suggests that roads play a major role in the...
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Bad News in the North!

As if the recent resurgence of bed bugs wasn't bad enough, Canadian researchers have found some of the little blood-sucking critters carrying a potentially deadly superbug, and a recent survey has found that Chicago is the fifth-most bed-bug-infested city in the United States. To make matters worse, earlier this year in Boston, researchers found...
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Don't Drink the Water

The typical American uses 99 gallons of water a day for washing clothes, bathing, toilet-flushing and cooking, and that amount doesn't even come close to the amount of water used on a daily basis by electrical power plants.

On NPR, Terry Gross interviewed water expert Charles Fishman, author of "The Big Thirst," who says,...
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Strange Skin in New York

A skin infection that is resistant to all but the most powerful antibiotics and can be passed by touch has moved from New York City hospitals out into the streets. Dr. Howard Grossman says, "Usually with infections you need a break in the skin to pass it. Not with this. It gets through unbroken skin with casual contact."

Sam Smith writes...

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Superbugs Spread from Patients to Visitors

Will Boggs writes that not only do some hospital patients become infected with superbugs, their visitors can take the infection home with them. Antibiotic-resistant staph infections are now frequently found outside hospitals.

Dr. David P. Calfee studied 172 personal contacts of 88 patients who got superbug infections in the hospital. 25...

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Is it Safe to Go to the Hospital?

It?s getting almost as dangerous to go to the hospital as it is to stay out of it, because there's been a huge jump in the amount of dangerous bacteria that's resistant to antibiotics that has been found in hospitals here and abroad. In the U.K. last year, 41% of the hospital Staph infections were found to be resistant to conventional...

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