Whitley Strieber will post his second crop circle meditation this Saturday for Unknowncountry.com subscribers, and he will be present for a live chat from 10 to 11am Pacific Time in the subscriber chat room.

As was reported on Unknowncountry.com this week, there was a stunning UFO event over Stratford in the UK on July 25, which involved a formation of UFOs that maneuvered into the triangular formation pictured here. The objects were seen by hundreds of people, and the claim that they are merely lanterns or hot air balloons is refuted by witness testimony and their observed movement on video.

Whitley Strieber was working out his new meditation at the time they appeared, and actually trying to find a crop circle that made reference to the concept of the triad, which he wanted to be the basis of the second mediation. The triangular pattern made by the UFOs will be used as the basis for the meditation instead. To read the Unknowncountry.com story that will be the basis for the meditation, click here.

Art credit: freeimages.co.uk

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