Strange lights have been observed by scientists in Norway for 30 years?and no, they are not UFOs. One of the most puzzling things about them is that they seem to be responsive to observers on the ground. Now researcher think they are balls of energy?they just don’t know what KIND of energy.

In the Norway Post, Rolleiv Solholm reports that the so-called Hessdalen lights have been seen ever since for almost 70 years. Hundreds of these lights have shown up at times and sightings have been monitored by volunteers for almost 20 years. Sometimes there have been as many as 20 sightings a week, all in this tiny valley in the heart of Norway.

UFO watchers know that balls of light?also known as “orbs”?are a commonly observed UFO phenomenon. These are mentioned frequently by witnesses and experiencers, so asserting that that these are not UFO-related may not be entirely correct.

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