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Who is More Stressed by Bad News?

Couples fight over lots of things, including the TV news. Does she want to change the channel when stories about war and famine, while he's not bothered by them? It turns out that bad news articles in the media increase women’s sensitivity to stressful situations, but do not...
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Some People are Always On

Matt Richtel writes in The New York Times that information overload causes a "high" similar to the kind you get with drugs. This makes the news addictive, so people can't get enough of it. Researchers call this the Always On syndrome.

People who are Always On get frustrated with long-term projects, and thrive on the constant news fixes...

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What You Liked Best

Here are the most-read stories on for the month of January:

The story with the highest number of "hits" was Poles Ready to Flip, about how magnetic North and South could reverse any time and the consequences for us.

Most of the next most-read stories were about UFOs, which makes sense because it's almost...

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