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Real or fake? - Science is discovering new things all the time. Scientists now say that hypnosis is "real" because they can pick up its effects on fMRI scans of people's brains when they're "under."

While patients are under hypnosis, neuroscientists see decreased activity in the parts of the brain linked with daydreaming...

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Video Hypnosis Works Better

Telehypnosis is more effective than face-to-face therapy, according to a study bySusan Simpson, a clinical psychologist at Royal Cornhill Hospital in Scotland. She hypnotized 11 patients who live in the remote Shetland Islands in Scotland using a video hook-up. This allowed her to see her patients during their 1 ? hour-long sessions.

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Hypnosis Gene Discovered

If you were embarrassed by a hypnotist who told you to hop across the room like a rabbit, don't blame yourself. If you've tried hypnosis and just can't seem to go "under" far enough to remember those elusive UFO experiences, don 't you blame yourself, either. It turns out there is a gene for hypnotizability.

The gene was discovered by Dr...

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