Update: Simliar Spiral in Tomsk, 2006 – A bizarre and massive spiral of light appeared over northernNorway between 7:50and 8:00 a.m. local time on Wednesday,December 9. The phenomenon was visible across a wide area,indicating that it was very large and very high. A similarevent was videotaped inTomskin2006. On December 11, Russian officials statedthat a Bulava missile had failed at the time the phenomenonwas observed.

Initially, it appeared as a green beam of light with arotating spiral at the far end. It turned into an enormousspiral formation in the sky, with a green beam extendingdown to earth, which persisted for two minutes before fadingaway. Reports that the phenomenon lasted an hour are morehave not been corroborated.

A navigation (Navtek) warning was issued by the Russians forthe White Sea on December 9. This consisted of a no-flyalert, which is typical when a missile test is taking placein the area. Photographers may have also taken images of therocket’s contrail. Video of the phenomenon appears to beconsistent with simulations of a rocket spiraling due to amalfunction, but photographs suggest an unknown astronomical phenomenon.

The troubled Bulava Missile program, Russia’s most advancedsubmarine based missile system, has had 13 consecutivelaunch failures. This one involved a guidance failure whichcaused the rocket to spiral, a common effect when guidancefails above the atmosphere.

For video of the phenomenon,click here.

For a video simulation of ejecta being emitted by aspiraling rocket,click here.

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