As countries all over the world gather in Copenhagen for a summit meeting on climate change, there has been controversy over some intercepted emails from the UK in which climate scientists admit to overstating the case for global warming. The whole topic is confusing, but in fact the news is bad: According to world meteorologists, the first decade of the 21st century has been “by far” the warmest on record, since instrumental record-keeping began 160 years ago.

Despite the fact that sunspot levels are down, increasing El Nino conditions, plus continuing man-made greenhouse warming, have made NASA predict that a new global temperature record will be set “in the next one or two years.”In BBC News, Richard Black quotes World Meteorological Organization head Michel Jarraud as saying, “We’ve seen above average temperatures in most continents, and only in North America were there conditions that were cooler than average.”

The sad thing about the US being currently in a cooling trend is that it will encourage some of the more extreme talk show hosts to deny that there is a problem. But as Jarraud says, “We are in a warming trend, we have no doubt about it.”

In the December 5th issue of the UK weekly magazine The Spectator, Maurizio Morabito explains some of the recently declassified CIA reports predicting “global cooling” (instead of global warming) that are adding to the controversy. Morabito says that a lot of this has to do with the fact that this dossier was put together during the Cold War and writes, “The most likely explanation is what it describes as the loss of ‘a significant portion’ of the USSR’s winter wheat crop in 1972. The harvest was so poor that the CIA saw geopolitical ramifications.” In other words, they were afraid that hungry Soviets might attack the US. He goes on to say that, “To address a political problem, they asked scientists to come up with a solution.”

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