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Podesta has Expressed Interest in Revealing Truth about Alien Life

The truth is out there, and it seems that the man who is intent on revealing it has returned to the White House staff. Former chief of staff in the Clinton administration, John Podesta, has recently been appointed as President Obama's newest advisor, though his advice may prompt some rather interesting debates between himself and the President....
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What the Government Knows About UFOs

We're all pretty sure that the government knows more about this than they're telling. In the Huffington Post, Lee Speigel lists some of the evidence: On Eleanor Roosevelt's...
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Why Can't Congress Make a Decision?

Congress is showing a frustrating inability to figure out how to deal with federal spending cuts, but their behavior may not be so incomprehensible if you look at them as a bunch of people with bad teeth who need dental work.
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Governments Keep UFO Secrets

A recent poll says Obama is the best President to handle an alien invasion, but does he think...
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Why Our Government is So Crazy

Scientists have found that when just 10% of the population holds an unshakable belief, their belief will always be adopted by the majority of the society. This could help explain some of the crazy concepts...
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If We Survive

If We SurviveIn Whitley Strieber's dynamic new Journal he discusses the BP oil spill and what it portends for the way we run our government. Whitley and Starfire Tor discuss this on Dreamland this week and Starfire agrees with Whitley when he says, "The dark clouds are no longer building on the horizon. They're here." Let's hope we survive!...

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Stealth Law Needs to be Changed

Buried in last year's Defense Authorization Bill were changes to the Insurrection Act that make it possible for a President to easily declare martial law, and now Senator Patrick Leahy (D. Vt.), along with Sen. Kit Bond (R-Mo.), who are the co-chairs of the 80-member Senate National Guard Caucus, have introduced legislation to return the act to...

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