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The Anthrax Trail

Does it seem like you?ve heard a lot of confusing, contradictory information regarding the recent anthrax terrorism? And does it seem as if most of it has been coming from official, government sources? Anne Strieber, who has been reporting on it from the first Florida mailings, traces the disinformation to its source. To read the diary entry,...

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The Lady Draws a Line in the Sand

Anne Strieber weighs in with a compelling diary entry about just why this old time peacenick has planted a flag in her front yard. There is a time for everything, and right now it's time to face some hard facts about just where this civilization finds itself, and what must be done. To read the diary, click here.

NOTE: This news...

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Should We Feel Guilty?

In her new Diary, Anne Strieber addresses a question that is fundamental to the national debate over how to conduct our new war: should we feel guilty about the poverty of the third world, which is where all of the hatred of America that feeds people like Osama bin Laden originates?

Her approach to the question is as unique and creative...

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Anne's Diary: War in the Name of God

Anne Strieber's new diary entry reflects on the futility of fighting wars over religion, and makes the point that religious wars are almost always actually over other things, such as land, and that soldiers are inspired by cynical leaders to die for their faiths, while the leaders have hidden motives, often that are self-serving in the extreme...

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