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William Henry on Popular TV Show

William Henry will be on the popular History Channel show "Ancient Aliens," talking about "Ancient Aliens and the Founding...
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Columbus Day Celebrates a Villain

On Columbus Day, we should remember that history is constantly being rewritten. For instance, the Chinese claim that America was really first discovered by one of their explorers. If it WAS Christopher Columbus who first discovered America, newly discovered documents show that he was NOT a nice guy.

Graham Keeley writes in the...

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Future of America: A REALLY Big Country?

Someday we'll supposedly be able to stop worrying about Mexican immigrants illegally entering the US from the South and terrorists coming here over the Canadian border to the North, because there won't BE any more borders. That?s when the United States will become a REALLY BIG country--if theCouncil on Foreign Relations and its supporters have...

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Seeing Ourselves as Others See Us

We are constantly being reminded that China is an oppressivesociety with prisons full of political detainees and minimalhuman rights, but now it has released a report on US humanrights abuses that makes it painfully clear that our countryhas lost the moral high ground because of our own tragicinvolvement in the use of torture.


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Whitley's 'What I Love About America' Statement

We have received hundreds of requests to listen again to the beautiful statement about America that Whitley made on Dreamland on Saturday, September 15. This two and a half minute statement is available as an Inside Interview, and you can listen by clicking here.

NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will...

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