Whitley Strieber wrote this story a year ago:I think that the most important thing we can all do now is pray. Prayer is real and it offers succor to the suffering and the dead. I have always feared that a great terrorist attack might take place against our just and beloved homeland. This has now happened, and as yet we do not know whether or not it’s over or if this is the only country in the world involved.

God be with all of us, most especially those of us who have lost loved ones, or will lose them in the hours and days to come, and those who are dying and suffering in this horrible attack

We must never forget just how deeply good our country is, and how strong we Americans are. We have received this blow, in all probability, because we have bravely stood for the good and the right in the middle east for these many years since the Jews of the Holocaust founded the State of Israel.

Our country’s courage will be sorely tested in the months and years to come. We must remain resolute. There is good in this world and there is evil. We must stand on the side of the good, always and in everything, as individuals and as a nation.

In terms of future actions, it is absolutely essential that the United States recreate the human intelligence gathering apparatus that it had in place until the early eighties. At the present time, US intelligence gathering is primarily electronic in nature. It has been defeated today in a major and fundamental manner. A large, complex terrorist operation involving individuals with the ability to pilot modern jets has unfolded, with grave loss of life and economic destruction.

At the present time, CIA and other US intelligence personnel abroad are embassy-focused, and confine their activities to reporting on local governmental activities. We need spies on the ground. We have always needed them. There is simply no other way to protect ourselves against attack.

In my book the Secret School, I foresaw a terrible attack on Washington. At the time, I stated that we need a plan in place to keep our republic functioning should the capital be unexpectedly destroyed while our leaders are present. Such a plan would immensely strengthen our nation. We must form a shadow government from among our governors and other officials, that can immediately reconstruct our federal government should it disappear in a moment.

Until the United States has a substantial and effective force of operatives on the ground and penetrated into terrorist organizations worldwide, we have essentially no way of guarding against this very devastating threat. As things now stand, it could happen again, and keep happening. Moreover, it may prove impossible for us to determine who is responsible, due to the fact that we are, quite simply, information-blind when it comes to this type of threat.

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