Military jets are now airborne over New York and Washington and possibly other cities with orders to shoot down any planes in the air. The airspace over all American cities is closed to air activity at this time.

As of 12:15 EST, we have reports that Los Angeles International Airport is being evacuated. All incoming international flights into the United States have been diverted to Canada. Whether or not these flights have obeyed the diversion has not been announced by the FAA. US airbases are on high alert on the West Coast, and we now have reports that any aircraft that enter US airspace without authorization will be shot down.

Please be aware that these are unconfirmed reports as of 12:15, and we are attempting to update them on a moment to moment basis.

American Airlines Flight 11, American Flight 77, United Flight 93 and United Flight 175 have all crashed. One of these planes went down outside of Pittsburgh, and the other three were involved in the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Whether or not other aircraft remain missing remains at this time unsure. American Flight 11 struck the South Tower of the World Trade Center and American Flight 77 apparently struck the Pentagon. United Flight 93 crashed near Pittsburgh and it is believed that United 175 crashed into the World Trade Center.

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