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The Why of This Brutal Winter

As predicted on's Climate Watch last fall, this is proving to be a winter of extraordinary fury both in the United States and Europe. England is experiencing the worst flooding in 250 years, and winter records are being broken all across the United States. Meanwhile the Austral summer is entering the record books because of its...
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Strongest Storm Ever Recorded Strikes Philippines

Jeff Masters, founder of Weather Underground has announced that Super Typhoon Haiyan has made landfall in the Philippines as the most powerful storm in recorded history. It contains sustained winds of 196 miles per hour, far more than the 145 miles per hour expected at landfall. On his...
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Superstorm Sandy so Powerful it Created a Seismic Event

When Superstorm Sandy turned and took aim at New York City and Long Island last October, ocean waves hitting each other and the shore rattled the seafloor and much of the United States--shaking that was detected by seismometers across the country. (NOTE: ...
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The Legacy of Sandy

The areas hit by Hurricane Sandy have mostly been rebuilt, but there is one dangerous problem still lurking there: MOLD. It's erupting in...
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8 to 10 Million to Experience Sandy-Related Power Failures

Hurricane Sandy is weakening and moving faster than anticipated. A computer model developed by an engineer at The Johns Hopkins University is now predicting fewer power outages than initially expected. Seth Guikema is predicting that an overall cumulative total of 8 to 10 million people will lose power in the wake of the hurricane, based on the...

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UPDATE: Nuclear Plants on Alert, 6.5 Million without Power

6.5 million people in the Northeast US are without power, including all of Manhattan below 39th Street. Nuclear power plants in the region are on alert because of the danger that they may lose outside power supplies, or their water exchange systems may be flooded. The power plants rely on diesel generators for backup power. Outside power is...
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UPDATE: Northeast Prepares for Sandy as Tsumami Heads for Hawaii

A tsunami warning has been issued for Hawaii, and the warnings for US and Canadian coastal areas have been called off. Four to Seven foot wayve area expected to reach the Hawaii's north facing beaches today. The warning has been issued after a 7.1 earthquake struck an island off the coast of Canada.

At the same time, the northeastern...
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