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Friday October 7, 2011

Renowned Healer Eric Pearl

Eric Pearl is among the most famous healers in the world, and here Marla Frees has an intimate conversation with him about how he found his healing powers, what he has done with them, and how he communicates them to others. He tells us about the unusual experience that led him from being a chiropracter to becoming a healer, but most importantly, he explains to us what healing is, who can learn it, and who the most effective practitioners will be. Marla's psychic abilities and familiarity with healing techniques make her uniquely suited to conduct this interview, which offers valuable insights into an important but little-understood area of human experience and power.

After her stroke, Eric came to Anne Strieber and did a healing on her, and subscribers can listen to them discuss just what happened during her healing--from the standpoint both of the healer as he worked, and the person receiving the healing.

Learn how to go to an Eric Pearl seminar on theReconnection.com.

You can connect with Marla Frees at her website, MarlaFrees.com.

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Eric Pearl Healed Anne Strieber. They Discuss It.

In October of 2004, Anne Strieber suffered a catastrophic hemorrhagic stroke. When she was released from the hospital in late December, it was believed that she would suffer permanent deficits to her vision and possibly other areas. Instead, she has not only made a complete recovery, her memory is better than it was prior to the stroke. Shortly after she returned home, Eric Pearl visited her and performed a healing on her. Listen to Eric and Anne discuss what he did, what she felt, and what it may have meant.

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Interesting, very interesting.

I am surprised that Anne did not interview him before about her healing with him. It was a great interview.

I read his book back in 2004 - fascinating.


I have complained about Anne previously because she often gets in the way of the interview, so it is only fair to say that this was a good interview. She let Eric speak and stayed focused thorughout. Good Job!

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