Where such a lot of heat would have come from at that hour is hard to say. It takes an enormous amount of energy to raise air temperature and the sun was obviously not there to do it. This is a real weather anomaly, and a disturbing one. Another example of the fact that we are entering unknown territory when it comes to climate. And yet, just yesterday, Rush Limbaugh was condeming Republican candidates for agreeing that global warming was real. Then his darling Sarah Palin said the same thing, so will he trash her on Monday? The global warming deniers have lost this debate–too late, I fear, for us to do much of anything about it, though, not without decisive and massive international effort and a lot of scientific catchup. http://bit.ly/mSgEh8

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  1. I live in Texas and the
    I live in Texas and the drought is here and very real. Denial is the tool once again used by the scientific darlings. The carbon dioxide levels are real, but nobody wants to look.
    Thank you for your insights.

  2. This Republican denial of
    This Republican denial of global warming was ramped up inadvertently in 2008 by a group of three, maybe more, climate scientists who had deliberately fixed the data from a 1990s 10-year period to prove that ocean temps had risen 1/2 to one degree. The graphs they used showed a marked upswing in temps over this 10-year period. This was called the “Hockey Stick Data.” They were university level instructors who had been caught red-handed falsifying the data that the climate department had been collecting. Possibly it was a disgruntled department coworker who intercepted their e-mails and blew the whistle. It’s a famous case. Why they did this, I don’t know. Perhaps they were just trying to magnify the problem to bring it to everyone’s attention. The Hockey Stick Data was used in many studies and formed the basis for a variety of collegiate and professional objectives. So I think this is the cause of a lot of denial these days. Was a crime committed? Who knows, but global warming is still doing its thing, no matter what Repubs say.

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