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  1. Wouldn’t even one hour shared
    Wouldn’t even one hour shared between two people cause that hour to exist in some world of fashioned reality? And to think: this 3bn hours is not shared equally. I know lots of people who don’t play any video games.

  2. In the late 90’s I was
    In the late 90’s I was involved in a multi player gamed called red baron 3-D. It was simulated WWI flight with aeroplanes of the period and chats. WE had missions maps etc. It was so much fun, and part of that was my real life interest in that period. After 3-4 years we organizied a “Red Baron 3-D NERD gathering” at Rhinebeck Aerodrome in Hudson Valley NY. I still get Christmas cards from the players even though I haven’t played in years!
    What games are you guys doing? Wii?

  3. For a very intriguing take on
    For a very intriguing take on reality and video games, check out a movie that came out several years ago called “The 13th Floor”. The movie did not do well and the critics panned it back then.

    I think that the storyline of this movie is closer to reality than we know, or would be willing to acknowledge. If you believe that consciousness can span dimensions and realities, then those people who are wrapped up in gaming may be creating and existing on some other level of their consciousness in the reality of the game.

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