This is really a fine job by the world’s leading UFO historian.

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  1. I have read the first two of
    I have read the first two of three volumes that Mr. Dolan is in the process of completing that detail the history of UFOs with the due diligence of the best of investigative reporters (a vanishing breed). With the continuing increase in sightings, that now, thanks to cell phones, can be recorded without having to search for a camera, are becoming so numerous all over the world, that the our military and government, as well as the other countries who try to
    play ostrich about this serious reality are risking absolute debasement of their creditability with the public by their swamp gas and intimidation tactics.
    Bravo to Mr. Dolan, Whitely Strieber, Linda Moulton Howe and all the other fearless public figures who dare
    to inform the public. Never laugh at flat earthers…we have our own version!

  2. I like Richard Dolan but
    I like Richard Dolan but there was nothing new in this video except for the way overdone video effects. Richard Dolan deserves credit for his first ground breaking book on UFOs and the National Security State but he has been dining out on that for way too long. Let’s have some new updated information please and perhaps without the cheesy video effects (unless this was intended as tongue-in-cheek and if so, to what end I ask – there are plenty of detractors creating videos like this already to help undermine the credibility of UFO investigation and information).

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